Abundant Michael: SandboxGathering

The Wednesday Gathering is not just another dinner party, though it does include a good meal. This is a unique social gathering for people involved in Tantra, Radical Honesty, The Lord's Chapel, Beltane, Community for Spiritual Living, Shalom Mountain, polyamory, Paganism, BEST Events and other groups dedicated to openness, authenticity and integrity. See blog for event details.

In a magical environment full of great music, candles and in a truly sacred space, we chill out and relax and just see how much we can really show up.

Bring your joy, your sadness, whoever and whatever you are and just be in a place where love and acceptance reign. It's a great place to meet a new friend or see an old acquaintance in a new light.

Diversity is celebrated in this group of people ranging in age from their twenties to their seventies. People from many backgrounds, races, gender identities, political views, professions and spiritual traditions find a place where they can just connect with others on the soul level.

The emphasis is on supporting individuals in making conscious, responsible decisions about living more fully. (See the Individual Participant Commitments for more details). You will be honored around whatever choices you make.

People start to gather at five o'clock. These few early arrivers are a core part of the community and are essential to the evening that unfolds. This core, early crowd gets some great opportunities to work together playfully before the rest of the folks show up. If you'd like to part of the setup crew, let me know and I'll include you in the e-mail where we coordinate that. Most folks come around six o'clock. We serve dinner at 7:00 PM.

Typically there are 10-18 people. It's all very informal and folks tend to drop into a sacred place and really relax and connect with one another. Things wrap up at promptly at ten.

One of the many unique things about our Wednesday Gatherings is that they are true co-creations. We use checklists that help everyone, new or not, effectively chip in and create the evening. People work together cooperatively and accountably to make sure that we have an evening ripe with opportunities for connection and self-discovery. These same systems also ensure that my home is restored back into a clean and private space at the end of the evening.

Most people find that working together creating the evening is one of the richest parts of the experience. On the other hand, there may be times when you want to be waited on, or when checklists and accountability don't feel right to you. On those nights, we ask that you not come to the gathering. We'd prefer to play with you when our unique way of creating cooperative events calls to you.

The fact that everyone chips in with set-up, cooking, serving and clean-up, means we can create this event for only $20 a head.

You can arrive any time after 4pm.  We serve dinner at 7:00 PM, end dinner at 8:00pm and go until 10:00 PM. We start set-up at 4 PM. If you're able to be here then to get things ready and to enjoy that time (an essential role for the sustainability of these gatherings),  reply to this email  or just show up.

The ending time is 10:00 PM.


My house is a 1962 two level with a very colorful interior and a wonderful garden. There are many places to cuddle up, great conversation circles, or to dance.
There's also an enclosed flower garden with a goldfish pond. It's romantically lighted for a quiet, intimate place outside.

Set-up volunteers are essential to the sustainability of these gatherings and always needed.

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